Poems for the End of the World: How to Say Goodbye

How to Say Goodbye

Dear Grief,

with your precious damp
traipsing muddy footprints
all through the house,
your shivering lilac fingertips,

bring your gravity,
your well-earned weight, and sip.
I sweetened your tea with honey,
shaved the cinnamon. picked and
roasted the dandelions with
my own two hands, brewed it
for you and this pit in my chest.

this stew, all cumin warm carrot,
all ginger sweet thick, is for you alone.

have a bath, wise one.
it is drawn and salted,
oiled and flowered, heated
near to boiling.

when you are warm, fed,
clean, and freshly robed,
I will watch you walk away,
the sun yellow against your back.

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