“You have only these three tiny minutes to say all of yourself to whoever is listening,” Smith explains, “so you have to treat it like your last three minutes on Earth. You should be saying something that’s a little bit bigger than you.”


Suzi Q. Smith has spent much of her life giving voice to suppressed and oppressed girls and young women, and that’s just what she is doing now in her first collaboration with the Denver Center. How I Got Over: Journeys in Verse features Smith and four young warrior poets offering fresh and largely unheard perspectives.”

“Poet and songwriter Suzi Q Smith has been writing poetry all her life. Since her teens she’s been setting yearly goals to better her art, and ten years later she is a recognizable voice in poetry. Now she is using her lyrical talents to help others achieve their goals.”

Jeramie Bizzle, 1stAmendment Media

“Suzi Q. Smith’s power lies in her words as well as her heart — and the great gift she has for sharing both so freely, both as a poet on a stage and a bedrock cheerleader behind the scenes. But the 2012 Westword cover girl and nationally known slam poet has, over the years, found still more ways to touch hearts — as a mentor, activist and just plain wonderful person, whose greatest inspiration is her own daughter.”
Susan Froyd, Westword

“Aligning with Off Center’s goal to engage theater audiences in innovative ways, “How I Got Over” is far from a traditional play.

As Smith describes it, “Written in the language of poetry, it is a reclamation of voice and a celebration of our survival.”

Kaitlin Wasik, Innovator Speak

“This major throwdown of America’s best slam poets is coming to the Mile High City in part because of one of the local creative community’s most prominent and active poets, Suzi Q. Smith.”

Bree Davies, Westword

“The Merc Slam Team’s Suzi Q. Smith opens strong at the Slam Nationals, Denver teams advance”

“All-female Wu-Tang Clan cover group sells out Walnut Room, 1/22/11”

“ What’s good, stranger? An expansion to last day’s post! Yes, I believe that is in order, as I really have no sort of supplementary addition to make in the comments. And anyhow the elaboration I’d like to make deserves much more than a simple comment. So here it is, I’d like to introduce you to Suzi Q. Smith.”


“Poet Suzi Q made an appearance on campus Thursday night. She was very entertaining for many reasons . . .”

“Yes, the tribute to Prince at Red Rocks Amphitheatre, happening Thursday, May 12, is definitely sold out. But check out this lineup of local all-stars who will perform as part of a musical celebration of the pop icon before the screening of Purple Rain at dusk.

The show will begin around 7 p.m. with a poem by spoken-word artist Suzi Q Smith.”

Westword Music

“It wasn’t quite a religious experience,” said Hatcher, recalling Smith’s talk. “But it was like being in church and hearing a really good sermon. It profoundly touched me.”

Kevin Simpson, Denver Post

“Their stories and experiences are urgent, the need to connect to community is imperative, and open mics and slams offer a place for people to gather, to see themselves, to hear and be heard, to create and explore ideas without having to ask permission to apologize for their identities.”

Josie Russell, 303 Magazine